Collagen and Your Hair

Collagen plays a huge role in our overall health. It IS the glue that holds us together. Here are 5 ways collagen is beneficial to the health of your hair and scalp.

Gut Health and Your Hair

Take a look at the 13 Foods that can Naturally Improve the Health of your Hair and Scalp from the Inside Out!

What’s Wrong with My Hair?

The age old question and one I’ve received often from clients. This eBook will reveal a few little known factors that may play a HUGE part in the issues of Breakage, Scalp Issues and Heat Damage, that you may be personally experiencing. Also included are a few solutions I use personally in the salon.

Stages of Hair Growth

Just like your hair shaft has 3 layers(cuticle, cortex and
medulla), there are also 3 stages of hair growth. The more you know about your hair gives you a better understanding of challenges you may be facing.

Hormones and Hair Loss

Have you noticed changes in your hair? Has the texture changed? Is it thinning? What I have come to realize is, the more mature we become, our bodies tend to change as well. Most notably our hair.

Grab your FREE pdf and learn not only about one particular factor that may be causing these changes but offered are a few solutions that may help.